It was September of 1855 when the Joseph Lamm Family arrived in the small settlement of Comfort, Texas. Joseph Lamm and his friend Anton Bohnert, a single man, purchased land in 1858 that bordered on the north and south sides of the Guadalupe River from John F.C Vles through the agency of Ernst Altgelt. This land was just south of the small town of Comfort.- from an article appearing in the Comfort, Texas paper on 22 March 1979, written by Margaret Kretzmeier and credits Mrs Earl Pankratz for information.
In the District Clerk's Office, packet #38 are the Naturalization papers of Anton Bohnert. The information in the application, called the Declaration of Intent, gives the following:
He was a native of the Grand Duchess [sic] of Baden, age 29 and single, and arrived in the United States in 1855. This application was made 17 May, 1859 in Kerr County. (Kendall County was not formed until 1862 from parts of Kerr, Blanco, Bexar and Comal Counties.)
His final papers are from Kendall County and dated 25 September, 1867.
Anton BOHNERT was married to Fridericke [sic] Grollmund, widow, on 27 January, 1868, by Otto Brinkmann, J.P., Prec. 4.  Witnesses were Joseph Lamm and Henry Heinen.  
  From the Probate Record, Vol. 4, p.202-206, the estate was brought to probate by the wife of Anton BOHNERT on 7 June, 1904.  This document states he died in Comfort, Texas, on 11 January, 1903.  The will was translated from German, and the date of the will was 20 December, 1902.
In it he left everything to his wife Frederika BOHNERT and $150 to each of his 6 children at the expiration of their minority, Moritz, Gottfried, Wilhelm, Ernst, Antonio, and Anna. Kerr County History Book., Page 56
Anton Bohnert served on a petit jury selected in July 1859, Page 68
Listed among First Comfort settlers in 1855, Anton Bohnert

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