211 S. Main, Boerne
OWNERS: Mary Schertz Becker ADDITION: Town Lot LOTS: # DATE: c1896 Style/Period:
BUILDER: CONSTRUCTED OF: Wood; DESCRIPTION: Two story, fifteen room, frame house, porches on the front both upstairs and downstairs, shuttered windows.

HISTORY: The Becker House, owned and operated by Mrs. Mary Schertz Becker was founded in 1896. The original hotel consisted of three rooms. In 1949 these two rooms were still standing and being used as an office by the dentist, Dr. L.J. Gregory. Catering at first only to transients, later six rooms were added which enabled Mrs. Becker to take in summer boarders. Among the guests enjoying the famous cuisine of the Becker House were numerous governors and other notables and their families many of whom spent successive summer vacations here. At the time Mrs. Becker sold this property the hotel consisted of fifteen rooms. Since that time the house has been totally demolished. A Texaco Station was built at this site and operated for many years. At the present time the station has been turned into an Ice House named Mr. D's.

Source: Perry, Garland A., "Historic Images of Boerne, 1982", p45, and Boerne Public Library files.- May, 1999

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