St. Boniface Episcopal Church was a part of St. Helena's of Boerne as a mission church when it began in the very early years of the 20th century. A contractor by the name of J. V. Oppert completed the building of the church and rectory in 1906. The first services were held in January of 1907. The minister in charge was The Rev. Mr. J. Albert Massey. Mr. Ransleben names the next few ministers who served the church in his book, A Hundred Years of Comfort in Texas i.e. Rev. Massey, Rev. George Gelsey, Rev. W. V. Stewart, Rev. Wayne Buchanan, Rev. Wilson Rowland. Rev. H. R. Remsen who had retired, also served when there was a need. 1

In this year of 2006 the congregation has nearly completed it's new home in the expanding area of Comfort along the Fredericksburg Highway. 2

Source: Ransleben, Guido E., A Hundred Years of Comfort in Texas, p. 180

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