House on the right in the background of the gazebo, is a picture of Burch House, or Sunnyside Hotel .
Kendall Inn is in the background. Pictures are from Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Harz Estate
117 W. San Antonio Street
OWNERS:Max Beseler, Lizzie Burch. ADDITION: Original Boerne DATE: c1895 Style/Period: Commercial
BUILDERS: Max Beseler CONSTRUCTED OF: Frame DESCRIPTION: Two story, frame house, with surrounding porches.

FUNCTION: This house may have been built as a hotel. We know little about it. Pictures in the file show it being torn down. The property was owned at one time by Max Beseler. He kept a ledger in which there are three pages of guest registrations dated 1895.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Barr Burch owned the Sunnyside Hotel either before or after Mr. Beseler, therefore, the name Burch House. From Recollections of Boerne and Kendall County by Edith A. Gray, we learn the following about Mrs. Burch: "Elizabeth Barr married Charles Burch. As early as 1875 she had an interest in much of the first block of West San Antonio Street in Boerne. In 1874 she leased the St. Louis Hotel to K. Hudspeth. At a later date she owned the Sunnyside Hotel on San Antonio Street."

Source: Boerne Public Library Files; Photos courtesy Ikey Harz Peter

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