There is a street near the north end of Main Street in the small city of Boerne, Texas named Advogt Street. This street is one block long running west from North Main to School Street. On the west side of School Street, on land donated to the city by an early settler named Adam Vogt, is the Boerne Cemetery. It seems very likely that Advogt Street was named for this early settler.

According to an article from "Fortiers" by F. W. Schweppe , Adam Vogt’s father was the manager of a large Coffee Plantation near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On their return voyage to Germany from Brazil, Mrs. Vogt gave birth to son Adam on April 4, 1822. The family settled in Loehrbach, Hessen where Adam received an excellent education at the gymnasium at Giessen, then he attended nearly two and one half years at the University. He was at Darmstadt when he joined the “Fortiers” and came to Texas.

After the failure of the Bettina Settlement several of these men of the “Fortiers” group moved to a spot on Cibolo Creek calling the new settlement, Tusculum. Wm. Friedrich was the owner of much of the property on which Tusculum was built. Adam purchased the land from Friedrich in 1851 and thereafter raised cattle.

Adam was a signer of the Kendall County Petition in 1859 and was appointed Commissioner after the Act to Create the County of Kendall was passed by the Legislature of Texas.
He also served as the first Judge of Kendall County;

In 1871 Adam sold his Kendall County property and went into the mercantile business in San Antonio, but he soon tired of this work and returned to the hill country town of Boerne. He roomed in a local hotel until the middle of April 1883 when he died suddenly from a stroke Adam never married. In his Will which was probated in Kendall County, he named several of his kin. Living at the time of his Will were two brothers, Jacob Vogt of Saginaw, Michigan and Egbert Jan Vogt of Hessen-Darmstadt. He named the heirs of his deceased sister Margarethe Vogt Hagemann. They were: August Hagemann, of Birmingham County, PA; Eduard Hagemann, Emma Hagemann, Gertrude Hagemann, and Elise Hagemann of Hessen Nassau.

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