Kendall County Texas Family Charts


Descendants of Wilhelm BIERMANN

1. Wilhelm BIERMANN (b.1834-Grass Wansleben,Germany;d.1902-,Kendall,TX) sp: Charlotte MEYER (b.1831-Germany;d.1908) 2. Wilhelm BIERMANN (b.1864-,Magdeburg,Germany;d.1934) sp: BERTHA PANKRATZ (b.1868;d.1957) 3. Carl W BIERMANN (b.5 Jun 1892) sp: Albertina SCHEELE (b.31 Jan 1900;m.15 Sep 1925) 2. Gustav BIERMANN (b.1862-Germany;d.1942-,Kendall,TX) 2. Minna BIERMANN 2. Charlotte BIERMANN 2. August BIERMANN (d.1870-,Kendall,TX) 2. Louis BIERMANN (b.1872-,Kendall,TX;d.1937-,Kendall,TX) sp: Ida SPROTT (b.1880;d.1964-,Kendall,TX)


Compiled from information from Rivers, Ranches, Railroads and Recreation , a History of Kendall County, and Gone --But Not Forgotten, Volume 2; Send comments to Catharine Stone

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