Hwy. 27 mi. West of Comfort in Kerr County
Library File #300.045

HISTORY:" The Order of the Sons of Hermann was organized in New York City in 1840 by a small group of men of German descent. This marked the founding of the nation's oldest fraternal benefit society. Hermann, for whom the Order was named, was an early folk hero known as Hermann the Cherusker (a German tribe to which he belonged). He also was known historically by the name the Romans gave him, Arminius.

The lodges in Boerne and Comfort trace their histories back to 1890, the year the Grand Lodge in San Antonio was formed. Reflecting the strong German heritage in Kendall County, the Order of the Sons of Hermann in Texas has been part of the social fabric of the Boerne and Comfort areas for more than 90 years. Two Hermann sons lodges with nearly 2,100 adult and junior members are located in the county, and two of the fraternal order's major institutions, the Hermann Sons Youth Summer Camp and the Home for the Aged, are in the southeast corner of Kerr County two miles southwest of Comfort." Quoted from - letter from the Grand Lodge Order of the Sons of Hermann, San Antonio, Tx., Sept. 22, 1983 to BAHPS. The building was dedicated in 1917.

Source: Boerne Public Library files; Photo from program booklet of the Golden Jubilee of the Grand Lodge of the Order of the Sons of Hermann in the State of Texas, San Antonio, Texas 1940.

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