OWNERS: Gulf Oil Company

HISTORY:"A small pine or spruce tree was on the west side of the station. Every year Jake would put [Christmas] lights on the tree. It was after 1940 that they widened the road and moved the station back that they cut down the Live Oak Tree." "When gas and tire ration came along I had to lick stamps, go to the bank for Jake and take him his lunch--Because they drafted all his boys - 9 of them." "When spring came along Walter Esser would have the farmers come in with their tomatoes and green beans. He would sell them to the truck drivers or take them to the market in San Antonio-Would bring back empty bushel baskets and at night about 7 or 8 of us sitting on overturned baskets played cards - pitch." "Emmie Schmidt Weeaks was the only girl that Jake ever hired. Jake's match folders were known from coast to coast. One driver said he went to a hotel and on the dresser were some matches with Live Oak Service Station on them. Jake always enjoyed Gulf meetings out of town. He would always sit next to John F. Kutzer as John was Gulf Agent, and John always ate like a little bird. Oscar Rust and Bruno Reeh delivered the gas to the station." "One evening late a lady came running out of the ladies' rest room. She [had] removed her rings to wash her hands and the rings went down the drain. They took off the gooseneck and there the rings were. Don't know if she rewarded them, but took off like a bullet. She was with another man, not her husband." "One time, a man [who] would [habitually] park his car in the middle of the driveway and just visit, [was parked there]. The boys decided to jack up the back wheels. When he started to go, he could not make his car move. The boys let down the jack and he took off like a bullet. Surprised he didn't hit someone!" Jake Toepperwein was the manager of the Live Oak Service Station for twenty two years. Those working there are listed on a Christmas letter sent by the station to patrons during WWII. It was designed by Emilie Toepperwein. [SEE PICTURE AT TOP OF PAGE] The names are: Max Schwarz, Noel Insall, Edgar Agold, Garret Bower, Johnny Cunningham, Red Goslin, Ed. (Pete) Jonas, Kenneth Sanford, Loranzo (Blackie) Sanford, Harold Sill, Joe Young, Jr.

Source: Boerne Public Library files; Letter from "Little Bit" Toepperwein

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