Phillip Home c1867-1870
Phillip Home, late 19th Century
Phillip Home, late 20th Century
706 S. Main, Boerne
ORIGINAL USE: Hotel PRESENT USE: Business Leases CURRENT OWNER: Debbie Gracey
OWNERS:Joseph & Wilhelmina Phillip, Howard Calder LOCATION: Kernaghan Lot: #23,24 DATE: c1860 Style/Period: Hotel HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: BHP has applied for National Registry
BUILDERS: Joseph Phillip CONSTRUCTED OF: Rock/Frame CONDITION: Fair DESCRIPTION: Two story building expanded between 1860 and 1875

HISTORY: The Joseph Phillips House or Phillips House Manor was built between 1860 and 1875. As happened so many times in frontier villages, the original Phillips house was probably a very simple building. Structural evidence indicates that the first residence was modified and expanded several times, resulting in the large Phillips House Manor as it now stands.

When stage coach lines passed through Boerne during the last quarter of the 19th century, the Phillips House, the O'Grady Inn, and the Boerne Hotel (Ye Kendall Inn) were considered real classic stops. During this period many people flocked to Boerne because of its reputation as a health resort and travel from San Antonio was a two day journey by stage, with a stop overnight in Leon Springs. When the railroad was opened up many more people came, and at one time the small town of Boerne had six hotels to accommodate the visitors.

The Boerne Shooting club was founded in the Manor, and the original target range was in the back.

After Mr. Phillip's death in 1884, Wilhelmena took over the operation and continued in the same elegant manner. She died in 1929 and her daughters continued to run the hotel in the tradition their mother started until 1950 when it was purchased and passed out of the family's hands.

In 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Calder bought the old Phillips House Manor and restored it to its original state of beauty and grace.

Augusta Phillip Graham, daughter of Joseph and Wilhelmina Phillip, managed the hotel herself after her mother was no longer able. She wrote the following about the Phillip Manor House: "Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Phillip built and occupied it as their home until Mr. Phillip died in 1887. Some years after his death, the house was converted into a hotel. In 1872 a hall was added and used as a church for religious revival meetings, also a shooting gallery was installed and different kinds of festivities were had here. Sometimes the hall was used as a kind of city Auditorium for divers public meetings. In 1883 the frame hall was rebuilt of stone and a large stage added where local and traveling theatrical troupes performed. At the close of the first Fiesta Celebration in San Antonio, and for several years thereafter, the reigning Queen with her personal attendants were entertained with dinner parties at the Phillip Manor House by members of the association.

Mr. Phillip built an annex to the hotel to induce business men to come to Boerne. This building consisted of three rooms, occupied by a jeweler, Mr. Guildner; a tinner, Mr. Weyrick, who was also a musician; and a drug store operated by a Dr. D'Albini and August Schweppe.

An English colony settled in and near Boerne and they made their headquarters at the Phillip Manor house. They organized a Polo club and played near Boerne. This was the first polo played in the United States.
The first excursion train into Boerne was loaded with many passengers from far places who spent the day with the "natives". All celebrated in the Hall and grounds of the Phillip Manor House with speeches and varied pastimes.

The government, while in the process of mobilizing an Army for World War I, and training classes from their near-by Camp Stanley, desiring to extend every courtesy to their superior officers, gave them dinners and evening dances at the Phillip Hotel in Boerne. After World War I was over, army officers of highest rank from abroad were entertained as special guests at this hotel. The Phillip Hotel is connected with the birth and progress of this town."

Source: Boerne Public Library files.

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