This is the Johann P. & Ida Schlador Heinen family. Ida (front row, holding the baby) is the oldest daughter of F. H. Schladoer. Her mother, Franziska Wiedenfeld Schladoer, is on the front row, far right.

Franziska Wiedenfeld Schlador, wife of F. H. Schlador

Harry & Magdalena Schlador Chandler
Magdalena is the youngest daughter of F. H. Schladoer.

Christiane Lotheisen Schladoer, wife of Diederich, mother of Robert Schladoer, Christiane Schladoer (Mrs. Louis)Strohacker, Emilie Schladoer (Mrs. Karl) Bergmann, and Johanna Schladoer.Christiane came to Texas with her four children in 1855. Her husband, Diderich, disappeared on the way to meet his family at the port. His fate was never discovered

Richard Schladoer, son of Robert & Carolina Mohrhoff Schladoer. He married Ernestine Doehne. Their children were John, Ernest, Ben, Edwin, Emil, Carolina (Mrs. Louis Pfeiffer), Herman and Annie (Mrs. Clarence Elsworth).

Children of Charles & Emma Doehne Schladoer. They are Erna (Mrs. Henry Meckel), Robert and Henry Schladoer.

Some of the children of Richard & Ernestine Doehne Schladoer. Shown are Ben, Ernest, Edwin and Carolina (Mrs. Louis Pfeiffer) Schladoer-photo taken in 1906

Christiane Schladoer Strohacker was the daughter of Diderich and Christiane Lothiesen Schladoer. She married Louis Mathias Strohacker

Charles (1883-1981) & William (1892-1973) Schlador, sons of Samuel Schlador, grandsons of F. H. & Franziska Wiedenfeld Schlador

Elizabeth Schlador Gadden (1881-1983), daughter of Samuel Schlador, granddaughter of F. H. & Franziska Wiedenfeld Schlador

Franziska Schlador & granddaughters, Franciska Chandler Kirkpatrick (1890-1933) and Alice May Chandler Goodan (1892-1984). They were the daughters of Harry and Magdalena Schlador Chandler.

Harriett Marguerite Schlador Armentrout (1894-1991), daughter of Samuel Schlador, granddaughter of F. H. & Franziska Wiedenfeld Schlador

Magdalena Schlador Chandler (1863-1892), youngest daughter of F. H. & Franziska Wiedenfeld Schlador. Magdalena's husband was Harry Chandler, who later became publisher of the Los Angeles Times. Magdalena died shortly after the birth of her second Daughter, Alice May.

Theodora Schlador Middleton (1893-1939), Mary Schlador Shuster (1896-1992) and Tomaso Schlador (1898-1918), and an unknown boy. The girls were daughters of Samuel Schlador, and granddaughters of F. H. & Franziska Wiedenfeld Schlador

The Robert Schlador family of Kendall County, Texas. If anyone knows where the original of this photograph is located, please contact Donna Schulte Loth

Samuel Schlador, son of F. H. & Franziska Wiedenfeld Schlador; father of Henry, Elizabeth, Charles, Sam, William, Theodora, Harriett, Mary and Tomaso.

Photos submitted by Donna Schulte Loth, April-May, 2005; more photos added November, 2006