200 E. Ryan Boerne
OWNERS: Dr. Wright DATE: c1919 Style/Period: Cottage CONSTRUCTED OF: Wood clapboard; metal roof; 1x1 windows DESCRIPTION: Twelve or fifteen, four bed cottages.

HISTORY: In 1919 Dr. W. E. Wright, a local physician, signed a contract with the Veterans Administration to provide medical care and lodging for WWI Veterans who were recovering from lung ailments-either tuberculosis or poison gas--at his sanitorium where the Hill Top Nursing Home now stands. Dr. Dewitt T. Hogue is said to be the first patient to arrive at the clinic in 1919. Soon there were as many as 150 Veterans assigned to the unit.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.- May, 1999

Note: Dr. Hogue and his wife Cora are listed in the 1920 census as lodgers in the household of Frank Newton. He must have survived and lived the remainder of his life in Boerne as they were both buried in the Boerne Cemetery in the 1990s.

    Patients in Dr. Wright Sanitarium
Listed in Kendall County Census of 1920

l0A18 Wright, W. C. 53 M HeadTN
l0A19 Wright, Minnie 21 F wifeTX
l0A20 Wright, Kathleen 7 F daughterTX
l0A21 Wright, Harry 32 M brotherTX
l0A22 24 M patient
l0A23 Byron, Henry 22 M patientAR
l0A24 21 M patientTN
l0A25 Gachanon, George 23 M patientPA
l0A26 Nelson, George 22 M patientMO
l0A27 Turner, James O 24 M patientOK
l0A28 Haney, Vernie J 25 M patientAR
l0A29 Garrison, Fred 24 M patientNY
l0A30 Fletcher, Louis 31 M patientTX
l0A31 Cochran, Hugh 27 M patientTX
l0A32 Davis, James D 23 M patientTX
l0A33 Durbin, James H 24 M patientTX
l0A34 Bunch, Alexander 24 M patientAR
l0A35 Stanfield, Hughes 24 M patientTX
l0A36 Lawrence, Vernie M 25 M patientTX
l0A37 Bond, F. E. 27 M patientOK
l0A38 Hight, Jim C. 27 M patientTX
l0A39 Skinner, W. E. 27 M patientTX
l0A40 Ellinghaus, Otto 22 M patientIL
l0A41 Felps, Paul D 30 M patientTX
l0A42 Walker, Dorrenn 21 M patientAR
l0A43 Grogan, Ruel 27 M patientKY
l0A44 Lancaster, Arthins 31 M patientMo
l0A45 ?Damon, Alvin 35 M patientwyoming
l0A46 Duggan, Robert 25 M patientLA
l0A47 D, 22 M patient
l0A48 Wells, Sam 21 M patientTX
l0A49 Iverson, August 27 M patientNorway
l0A50 Cockman, Walter 31 M patientOK
10B51 Davis, Louis 24 M PatientGA
10B52 Davis, Esther 23 F LodgerGA
10B53 Davis, Louis, Jr 1 1/2 M LodgerTX
10B54 Bolen, Joseph P. 24 M PatientLA
10B55 Williams, Ben 24 M PatientTX
10B56 Wright, Harrison 56 M PatientAR
10B57 Well, Byron D M PatientOK
10B58 Wright, Wilford 29 M AssistantTX
10B59 Robertson, Clarence 18 M ServantTX
10B60 Massey, Charlie 26 M PatientTX
10B61 Donley, Arthur 25 M PatientMS
10B62 Warren, James 30 M PatientAR
10B63 McKinney, Hiram 23 M PatientTX
10B64 McConnell, P. H. 20 M PatientTX
10B65 Arks,Frank 23 M PatientTX
10B66 Gallatin, Eugene E 32 M PatientTX
10B67 Harris, Buckner 27 M PatientTX
10B69 Cooper, C.D. 22 M PatientTX
10B70 Taylor, Eugene 22 M PatientTX
10B71 McCleod, Dwight 26 M PatientUSA
10B72 Boyghton, Albert 30 M PatientUSA
10B73 Jones, Thomas O 31 M PatientAL
10B74 Henry, Sam B 23 M PatientAR
10B75 Tynes, E 26 M PatientKY
10B76 Bell, Edward 27 M PatientAR
10B77 Schieferbusch, Theodore 28 M PatientMS
10B78 Halstedt, James G 27 M PatientLA
10B79 Carter, Frederick 32 M PatientTX

Source of list is the 1920 Federal Census
Note: The quality of our copy is very poor making some names illegible.

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